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Arches National Park

Arches National Park in Moab will leave you speechless. Their fins, balanced rocks and various designs are just beautiful to see.

It is located in south east Utah. It is easily accessible from I-70 in the southeastern area of Utah.

If coming from Denver, Colorado just stay on I-70 into Utah and then head south on Utah Rt 6. That portion of the road will be very depressing. However, when you get to Rt 128, just head south towards Moab.

Both Rt 6 and Rt 128 are very narrow, secondary roads. However, the ride along the Colorado River is just absolutely spectacular.

Map of Arches and Natural Bridges in Utah
Camping along the actual Colorado River in Moab, Utah

If you have any extra time, plan on staying at any of the many NPS Campsites along the Colorado River while going to Moab from the East side of it on Rt 128. It is just an awesome view with bubbling, drifting sounds of the River.

Colorado River Utah

Good Perspective of River Valley

Colorado River Utah from Bedroom

Bedroom window View!

After your drive along the Colorado River, you'll come to the junction of Rt 128 and Rt 191. Turn Right onto Rt 191 North. The Entrance to the National Park is only about 2 miles up on your right.

Not sure how to describe the uniqueness of it?!? It is a very large drive through Park (with lots of pull-off areas) that takes you to one massive rock structure after another. They are ALL amazing!!

Sometimes just driving along the roads was enough, while other times you just had to get out and get a serious look at these natural marvels.

Delicate Arches

Arches National Park

One of the most photographed Natural Structures in the World.

The hike to it is pretty steep and a little "dangerous" at times, but - WOW - Oh so worth it!!! You're just about to give up, when you suddenly are there! We wanted people in the photo to give a good perspective for the size of the arch.

There is even a natural seating area to just stare in astonishment!

Various Rock Structures in the Park

Three Gossips

Three Gossips

Massive Fin of Rock

Massive Fin of Rock

Huge Arch

Notice the tiny people!!

Petroglyphs near Wolfe Ranch

Petroglyphs near Wolfe Ranch

While driving through the park on our Scooter, the weather went from a beautiful balmy day to HAIL - luckily, we had our helmets on - sounded pretty funny on our heads - laughing away!!

This National Park is absolutely a must see in your lifetime. Our pictures here are just a teaser - certainly not fulfilling enough to say you've "been there"!

Once you've been here, the next best visit would be to Natural Bridges National Park. Take a look at our link to see an amazing natural bridge - carved by nature, below ground level and still standing!

Here's a great PDF Map of the National Park area to look over, at your leisure!

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