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Securing RV Slider Windows

Securing RV Slider Windows is a must do before you do any extensive travel - especially as a FullTimer. If you are lucky enough to enjoy RVing as a fulltimer, you really want to protect your valuables.

We have an older (2000) model RV with the real windows that OPEN!! The new ones now have those little tiny hinge type windows so they aren't as easy to break into - but, wow, they don't provide any natural air/breeze either! Pretty much have to use your AC if you are in warm climates.

We seriously struggle to find an easy, yet effective way to secure our slide windows. Drilling the locking area seemed to be the solution? Didn't like it though. Finally, I remembered what you do with big house type sliding doors - put a stick of some kind along the stationary window so the slider window can't be moved. Well, duh - why not the same idea in our RV??

After looking over the design of the window, that curve on the bottom ends would allow the stick to move too much up and possibly fall out?

Then I realized if I drilled a small hole for a long sheet metal screw into the corner area - up an inch or so, I could then lock the stick in place!! YAY!!! We finally had a method for Securing RV Slider Windows!!

1 and 3/4 inch Sheet metal screw drilled thru 2 inner channels of RV Slider window
1/2 inch dowel in place to Lock window slider from opening
Wider picture of 1/2 inch dowel in place to Lock window slider from opening

We had some dowels that were probably 1/2" think hanging around. I measured the length needed for the dowel and made them so they can only be removed and installed one way. 

As you can see in the pictures, the dowel fits nice and tightly between the sliding window frame and the outside frame of the entire window. When I want to open a slider, I just lift it up from the center area of the entire window and it comes right out. I cannot lift it up by the new screw I installed. The overall length is too long to allow that. Perfecto!!!

I then open the window to the amount I want and leave the dowel resting in the grove of the slider and it just stays there until I am ready to re-lock the slider when I close the window. Very simple, yet effective and costs practically nothing - you probably already have a drill and small bits and a 1 and 3/4 sheet-metal screw. It is important to note that you do not have to screw the screw into the outside piece of window framing. It is already going thru 2 pieces of channel so it is extremely secured. You don't want to create a water leak by drilling and putting the screw thru the outer framing - not necessary.

1/2 inch dowel against slider framing to show how it can't open
Simple raising of dowel to allow slider window to be opened
Dowel raised completely, so slider window may be open. Dowel just stays in raised place while window is opened.

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