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Drawer and Cabinet Locks

Drawer and Cabinet Locks can be quite an issue to find ones you like. Take a look at our solution.

As most of us have, we've tried several different types before we found a really simple solution. Driving down the highway and suddenly stopping is stressful enough - having all your drawers or cabinets spew all your stuff onto the floor is not something additional you want to happen!!

The biggest problem with the ones that are usually installed in the RV is the fact that the drawer or cabinet is ALWAYS Locked!!! OMG!!!

Most of us don't have small children when we are RV'ing and therefore really only want them locked when we are travelling down a highway.

We decided to research and find a better way! Finally, we realized that we didn't need the locking function until we were driving. Once we decided that, the solution was easier to find. However, as in all things - they won't work for every type of need. Sometimes, the drawer design doesn't allow enough room for the device to be installed - especially, if the front drawer has 2 thicknesses of material.

Drawer with double thickness2 thicknesses of wood don't let new lock fit

The above picture shows the traditional lock still installed. Unless you cut out a section of the "inner" actual drawer, the newer style locks won't fit.

Lock in the Lock PositionLocking device with lock showing and lock-tab up
Lock Tab that it locks toLock Latch for door to catch on
Lock showing the unlocked positionLocking device with not locked showing and lock-tab inside
Lock on left - Magnetic "Key" on the RightLock with Magnetic "Key" allowing it to be pulled open

These types of locks are very common for infants and babies. They work with a magnetic release "key" that unlocks the drawer. Once you open the cabinet drawer, just push the sliding lock indicator to the right or left - depending on what you want - open or locked!

The best part about these - they are about $2.00 a piece if you buy several at a time!! Not bad. Now you can leave the cabinet door "unlocked" for the entire time you are parked and then just flip the little tab when you are ready to lock and drive.

Once arrived at your location and don't need them locked, just go to each door, hold the magnetic key to the location of the locking device and open the door. Push the little indicator to the unlocked position and it will stay unlocked for you.

So much easier than fighting the traditional door locks!!!

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