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Why I chose SBI

Why I chose SBI, a review of it and the advantages I've experienced over the years.

To be fair, I have to go back about 10 years ago and start from there. I knew the Internet was getting bigger and bigger and I wanted to understand it so I could make money with it. At the time, I was a Realtor learning how to expose one of my listings literally to the world. I quickly learned that there were many awesome tools that will help put a listing of a house and all it's pictures, address, maps, videos, etc. out there.

Unfortunately, real estate was also struggling in the mid 2000's. So, I tried to learn everything I could possibly learn about the Internet, Search Engines and most importantly - what or who determines how a website gets onto page one of a search results page.

I literally spent $100's of dollars taking online course that promised success. While doing this, real estate started to really degrade in 2007-2008. As much as I enjoyed being a Realtor, I was spending more than I was making - never a good business decision.

All these various "online courses" never seemed to cover everything. Kinda like bringing a Pizza home to find a slice (or 2!!) missing!! It became incredibly frustrating.

While all this was happening, my other half was getting really frustrated with her job and was very unhappy. After lots of research and planning, we decided to quit the "real world" and run away as fulltime RV'ers. Wow, was that a shock to everyone!! You're what? How will you live, where will you live, etc. etc.

Our Monaco RV

I was still spending money on courses about the Internet and almost had given in that it just wasn't possible to find a company that offered EVERYTHING in one package. Key word is "almost".

I honestly forget how I found "SBI (SiteSell - Solo Build It)", but I did. At this point I was leery of anything that was involved with teaching the Internet, how it worked and how to understand it. However, they seemed to know what they were talking about.

I finally took the plunge and tried it in 2011. We were fulltime RV'ers traveling the US and working various seasonal jobs. However, I just knew that if I had a website about RV'ing, we could increase our income and perhaps even make a living with a good website.

I actually took the time to read and view all 10 days of the Action Guide that SBI uses. Each day was like a "find". I learned more about the Internet and how it works from each day of the "Action Guide", than I ever did with all the online courses I had taken - Wow, this was way cool!!!! Now you can understand Why I Chose SBI!!

As time progressed, the Action Guide progressed as well. That in itself was awesome!! Someone realized that just as the Internet was changing, so did the Action Guide. Over these few months, the light bulb clicked and I knew I had found what I needed - a "complete system" to build a business online the right way. They didn't promise anything - just be yourself with great content, properly organized and it will happen.

It did!!!!

I had a successful website about RV'ing that was making us "Passive Income" - all while we enjoyed traveling and sharing our experiences - the best of all worlds!

Now that I actually understood how the search engines worked to put a site onto the first page, I was hooked!! I would see soooooo many websites that looked stunning, but weren't being shown in the first few pages of a search result. The more I learned from SBI, the more I saw my next opportunity.

Why I Chose SBI helped me become a Web Master/Designer

I became a web master/designer using SBI as my "Platform" for various businesses we came across in our travels, as RV'ers. It was an incredible experience to watch a website that I took over that was buried back in search engine results climb it's way to the first or second page of search results! WOW - I had found my niche!!

The rest is history!!

I have used SBI exclusively as my platform for each business website that I have created or taken over. I can honestly say that each of them has grown in rankings because of the "SBI Method" of building a website. Actually, pretty simple - if you know the rules of the game - you win every time you go against a "pretty" one!!!

As I mentioned earlier, their "Action Guide" changes as the Internet changes - so do their platforms and softwares. As mobile phones/Smartphones became more prominent, so did improvements and upgrades to the SBI platform.

Even better, any changes and improvements have ALWAYS been included within their subscription rate.

As a result of all this, we are able to travel and experience life as fulltime RV'ers "wandering aimlessly" around the US, all with the help of Solo Build It. No matter where we "park" - in a desert, an RV park or a Walmart parking lot, we just make sure we have a good WiFi signal before we park. The 20+ accounts I manage for people have no idea where we are - and probably don't care - their website is getting great search engine results and I take care of any needs quickly for them! See some of these in our Portfolio Page of Merchant Bottom Line

I hope this review of Solo Build It and why I chose Solo Build It helps you understand how awesome this company really is! Here's another Review, if you wanted to learn even more! 

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