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RV Trade Shows

Here's a Map of the the 2018 - 2019 season of Large RV Trade Shows, as per RVIA and other sources published through through Nov 29, 2018

We hope it is helpful and there is one near you!

If you would like a show added, please send us the show info. 

RV Trade Shows are the best way to "touchy-feel" everything about RVing! The majority of all Buyers claim they go to a State RV Show or a Regional RV Trade Show or two before making that final decision to purchase a new or used RV.

Some areas of the country may have a State RV Show or a Regional RV Show - doesn't matter. If it is close to you - GO! If convenient, make it a "Weekend Getaway" and enjoy the whole process!

Take your time - don't bring a check or money! Just walk the show at your leisure. Most Trade Shows are geared to sell you an RV. However, most dealers realize that this is an important process for many "future buyers", as well.

Just explain to any sales person that you are just gathering info for the future - not the present! Most good sales people will pickup on that and offer help - not trying to twist your arm into a sale.

RV Trade Shows - Locations

RVIA Image

If you're like most people interested in RV'ing and the RV Lifestyle, you'll probably already know when and where the next closest show is.

However, a great source for getting information about RV Trade Shows all over the country is the RVIA That's short for the Recreational Vehicle Industry Association. They definitely are the "Go To" website for all things RV.

Another great source of Regional and Local Shows is GS Events Show Schedule Most of the shows are open to the public, or will have "dealer only" days and then open to the public.

Several really big shows come to mind - the "Largest RV Show", held in Hershey/Harrisburg, PA in the late summer (September?).

Another huge show is the "Florida RV Supershow Show", held at the State Fairgrounds in Tampa - usually in the middle of January.

Then there is always Quartzsite, AZ in January/February as well. If you are "stuck" on the west coast, go there - instead of Florida. Caution - many are "used" and sometimes leftovers that can't be sold at the dealerships home - kinda like a "dumping" ground for some! Just be careful :(

The really important message here is to be sure you go and learn as much as possible FIRST, then purchase your new or used RV.

RV Trade Show Tips

Be well rested, wear really, really (did I say really?) comfortable shoes and plan on spending several days wandering the Show. Try to leave the kids with someone else - too distracting and tiring, as parents to watch/care for kids!

There will be vendors there about Associations, RV Parks, RV Insurance, Long Term Campgrounds, Vacation Campgrounds and every conceivable accessory that you may never (oops, ever) need!!

Remember to leave your wallet HOME!!!

Last, but not least, be sure to really think through the type of RV you are considering. Do you already have a pickup for an easy financial transition? Do you like the convenience of the "all in one" - motorized?

Are you going Fulltime or still able to "store stuff" at home? That will also help determine at least the size RV.

Be sure to just "sit" in the RV type that you are interested in.

Look around for the conveniences that you want - not what the salesman wants you to want!

Watch people come in and out of it, can you actually "cook" in it - I have a thing about counter space, in case you haven't noticed!

Does it look like something you can live in 24/7/365?? Is it too much "glitz"?? Is it "functional? Does it have a "private" commode room - silly, but nice!

Lot's of questions, only you can answer. Take your time!! You'll be in "it" for a long time, once you buy it!!

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