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RV Crafts can be a great occupation for the "co-pilot" while driving down the road. Some are more complex and will require large space and or power.

However, many crafts can be done simply while sitting in the front passenger seat.

You'll find that most handmade crafts have been started long before people started driving the highways in their RV. Many people just extend them into their RV world.

The beauty of the internet helps make crafting even more fun - and profitable!

Several big craft type websites have sprung up that are setup for strictly the "Home Made" items. Now, the crafter can not only enjoy what they make, but they can sell it online to pay for all those little "extras" we all want! Perhaps, to buy more craft supplies!?

Etsy.com is website many crafters are already familiar with.

They've been around for years and have a very large following of sellers and buyers on their site.

Zibbet.com is another great site, although fairly new.

Both of these websites are great for the RV'er. You can display your homemade crafts online - to the entire world - while shipping from anywhere. It just takes a little thought to decide your shipping charges.

All it takes is some pictures of your craft items, some good write ups about your items and viola - you're selling your wares to the world!

Many of us are near a USPS or UPS facility, most days. If you are really going "off the grid", you can put your shop on "vacation" until you come back to the commercial world!

Good friends of ours make jewelry and specially designed glass bottles. You'll find them wintering in Arizona - the heart of jewelry making people and ideas - at least for RV'ers!

The bottles require a kiln be used, so either a generator or being plugged in becomes necessary. But, the jewelry can certainly be designed and made while cruising down the highway!

Others prefer to make their own private stock of something - perhaps canning, scrapbooks, picture frames. These crafters may do it strictly for themselves.

RV Crafts is about doing or making something you enjoy - either for yourself or someone else - it really doesn't matter!

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