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RV Insurance

RV Insurance is considerably different from the typical automotive insurance we've all purchased. Even if you don't full time in your RV, it is a different type of Insurance.

The replacement values of an RV are so much higher than a car. Depending on the age of the RV, will determine the type of replacement value you receive.

Just as important are the contents within your RV and if your toad is part of it, etc.

An RV'er must be very diligent when purchasing RV Insurance.

Getting a Motorhome insurance quote or a Camper insurance quote is only the beginning of the process!

A full inventory of your contents are critical and how they would be replaced if suddenly lost is obviously a serious question to be answered.

Will you want or need a provision to live temporarily away from or outside of your RV if it is destroyed or in a Body shop for 2 months!?

RV Liability insurance is very important also. An accident in an RV will cause all types of liability concerns - again, due diligence is very important.

How you actually obtain your Recreational Vehicle Insurance Quote - either a motorhome insurance quote or a camper insurance quote will be a personal decision.

A strong consideration is the ability to discuss your options with a licensed agent for the state you "reside" in.

Some of the large insurance companies do everything by Website to provide a quote. That's fine for a basic "car to car" quote.

However, this is your house on wheels with so many options to be discussed - Replacement Value, Contents, Deductibles, Temporary Living Options, etc.

If you would like a serious agent and discussion, contact:

Dougherty Associates Insurance

Insuring an RV is their main focus and are very good at it. They happen to be located in South Dakota , but are licensed in just about every state, including Texas,  for Recreational Vehicle Insurance.

Plus, best of all, they promptly return phone calls and emails!

In this day and age, it is such a pleasure to deal with an agent and agency that returns calls and emails so promptly!

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