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North Carolina has some wonderful places to visit

North Carolina is a very friendly RV State. Even the drivers on the highway are nice to RV'ers! Seems the closer you get to the northeast, the "less friendly" they are as fellow drivers.

Aside from that, our highlight through this beautiful state was a side trip to Hendrick Motorsports. Just in case you don't know who they are, Hendrick Motorsports is a premiere NASCAR Team owner of 4 fabulously run NASCAR Teams.

They are located only about a mile from the Charlotte Motor Speedway in a well hidden valley. If you didn't have a map or see their long driveway sign, you'd never spot them. Just that alone adds class!

As we approached their "campus" you couldn't help but be impressed by the size of their buildings and how spotless everything is!

We parked our RV and went into their HUGE Museum of all their history of drivers, sponsors and teams over the years - with lots of trophies!

Everyone was incredibly nice and helpful. They have full sizes of everything in their museum - engines, how they are made, cars, templates, uniforms, helmets, trophies - you name it - all on display - quite an education!

Then we went to the two different buildings that are the final assembly area for their teams - 2 teams per building. These buildings are dedicated to just that!

The engine plant is another building, the trucks and haulers are another and I'm sure the painting is another(?)

Obviously, a very serious financial commitment is here. But, something to be very proud of also. Hendrick Motorsports is very committed to the community - through charities and lots of jobs. Plus, their facility is just incredible.

Even if you are not a NASCAR fan - it would still be worth visiting and touring their incredible facility.

They are only open till 5 pm though!

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