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RV Special

Tiger Camper

What's an RV Special? Well, I would consider it one that is unusual and different and certainly not really common.

We happened to see one of these the other day and it is a very neat RV - built by Tiger Adventure Vehicles in South Carolina. As the name implies, it is a very strong (Tiger) vehicle and the fact that it is on a 4 x 4 means it is built for adventure!

How cool is that? We believe it should be a "Class C" type

The interior is very modern with an actual standup shower and typical RV commode - all the comforts of home, while pretty much driving where ever you want!

Tiger Camper with Ship

When you first look at it, you assume it is a slide-in style camper.


This picture of one in front of a ship, on ice, kinda sums it all up! Pretty amazing piece of gear!!

The entire back is custom made for the 4 x 4 vehicle. This RV Special is just that - it is built up from the rear chassis. The body that you are looking at is totally attached to the frame section - not just a pick up bed, as in a slide-in camper.

It has a generator, a solar system with controller and batteries and of course the ability to drive anywhere you want to take it!

As you can imagine, they have been known to travel all over the world into some pretty remote and desolate places.

Even the drawer locks are sturdy. They are the kind that push a center piece in to lock and then double push to unlock. Again, all is designed to allow you to drive over bumpy and certainly uncertain road conditions.

If you purchase the Siberian Model, it comes on a Ford F-450 Diesel configuration with all accessories powered by diesel. The flooring and cabinet are bamboo with Corian countertops.

As most vehicles of this configuration are, it offers a large bed area over the driver cab area as well as a sleeping area in the rear with a slight modification of the seating area.

A really nice feature of these - it allows for an easy pass through from the driving area to the rear - without having to be a contortionist - all while staying dry and inside!

They aren't cheap - but what really is?! However, you can pretty much drive one of these anywhere!!

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