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RV Hobbies

RV Hobbies can be similar to RV Crafts, but not necessarily! Hobbies can include all types of activities that people enjoy but are not "crafty" type things.

Many people love to play golf - certainly not a craft. I would classify that as a hobby.

Hobbies can be something done individually, a couple or a group. Some individual hobbies could be golf, tennis, remote control airplane/helicopter or drone flying, etc.

Some of these new remote control drone helicopters are amazingly simple to fly and keep undamaged!

Years ago, I plowed our favorite RC Flying field several times with the old style gas jobs at about $200 a crash!!!! These were much larger helicopter looking ones with a 3 foot main rotor blade - awesome machines when you don't crash them!!!

Before we went Fulltiming, remote controlled helicopter flying was quite the passion! However, these were large gas models and a "crash" was a minimum of $200 each time!! So much for that hobby!

As a couple, our favorite hobby is Ballroom Dancing - actually, that's how we met. Speaking of meeting, there is a great website that can help people find other like people pretty much anywhere.

Meetup Logo

Meetup is a great source of all type of different gatherings/meetings of like minded people. We've used it several times to find a Ballroom Dance Studio when we come into a new area. We found a great dancing studio, called Fatcat Ballroom Dance Studio in Phoenix, AZ - right through Meetup.

Even better, they told us we could boondock in their parking lot after attending their studio dance!

Some hobbies are for very dedicated people who follow events - perhaps a NASCAR racing schedule, a particular band, golf tournament or singer - they go to as many events as possible, try to get to every baseball stadium in the country - perhaps an "A" League - or even the Major League.

Fishing, kayaking, golfing, skiing, tubing, etc. are all very popular with RV'ers. Many times you'll pass a great running stream and see an RV pulled over to the side of the road - and see someone fly fishing.

How many times have you seen RV's at a stadium or golf match or trade shows. These can be jobs, but they can also be a hobby that they enjoy - and perhaps make some money at it as well?

Here's a great idea for the golfer or even the non-golfer - a perfect way to enjoy safe and scenic areas to park - incredibly economically too!

RV Golf Club

It really doesn't matter what your particular RV Hobbies are. It is more important that you take the time in your life to explore and enjoy life beyond work. We all get too wrapped up in our "jobs" to pay for everything that we must have!

A great hobby could perhaps put life in a little more perspective?

In case you were looking for something about Crafts, here it is. We can easily intermix them. Course, I am also sure some would frown at that! No problem!

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