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Let's Find Out What Makes RV Diesel Motorhomes So Special!

RV Diesel Motorhomes are truly "The Kings of The Road"! This generic description won't look like it - but the rest will fill in all the blanks!

Generic Description: It is a Motorized (Self-Contained) Vehicle built on a special chassis that is typically 26’ to 45’ long. When traveling, they are 8’ wide and might have 1 to 4 slide out rooms to extend out when they are parked.

The Class A Diesel is typically a rear engine RV – just like a city bus.

RV Diesel motorhomes are also the most expensive to purchase of all RV’s produced!

Foundation (Chassis):


Class A Diesels have 2 different categories of Chassis

High End: Top of the Line "Tour Bus" Chassis –

(A) Leading manufacturers make their own RV for end users themselves.

(B) They will also sell their Chassis and/or chassis and shell only to “Conversion” manufacturers.

Marathon Coach RV

Be sure to verify if it has "propane" as an standard/option. Some of the very high end coaches do NOT have propane storage. They require either the generator be running or plugged in to shore power!

Not that you are going to take a Million $$ "Newell" off a highway; but, without propane the generator becomes very annoying after a period of time.

These newer coaches are designed to be "all electric" - just be aware of that!

Traditional RV Diesel Manufacturers – These are your more typical (and more affordable) RV’s that are produced with their own proprietary chassis; such as, Monaco Motorhomes on their RoadMaster Chassis.

Other manufacturers purchase a “Pre-designed and made” chassis from a 3rd party truck chassis company and then make their own RV on that chassis.

Monaco Dynasty RV

Up until approximately 2010, almost all Class A RV Diesel Motorhomes had their engine in the rear - thus know as, a diesel pusher. They will all have a set of dual wheels on the rear axles.

Because of weight and ride handling, as well as overall length, they may have an extra “Tag Axle” as part of the rear assembly (see picture above). That "Tag Axle" Assembly will be adjustable to help share the load of the RV weight.

If you have one on your RV, be sure to pull it up when in tight places - trying to park, back into tight spaces, etc. - it plays heck on tires otherwise!

Be sure to compare the different weight limits per manufacturer, on a standardized sticker. Years ago the RV manufacturer would ship an RV with almost no user load capability at all!!

How would you like to find that out after purchasing it?!?

The radiator will be in the rear side area or the rear itself. A side radiator is much easier to work on and perform basic maintenance! Plus, it doesn't get anywhere near the "road dust" that a rear radiator does because of the rear downdraft!

A diesel engine, will also always have HD Truck Type Air Brakes! From that basic foundation, the RV Manufacturer will add all types of options –depending on the market, selling price and of course, the end purchaser.

Could it be You?


Again, this is all dependent upon the actual RV Diesel Motorhomes manufacturer. They will all use different metals and methods to produce a “Cage” to build the walls and ceilings – and protect the occupants.

How it is made and attached to the coach varies.

Just like a traditional house, all the pre-work is done before finished walls are in place. Since the early 2000’s, the majority of these RV’s will have at least 1 slide out room, and as many as 3 more!

Renegade Motorcoach

This Renegade Above may not look like the rest of the Class A RV Diesel Motorhomes, but it sure costs as much and is Beautiful!


Federal Emission Regulations are always playing a part in the engine choice. There are about 3 or 4 engine builders that RV diesel motorhome makers use.

They are all as fuel efficient as possible. In most cases, an RV built for a specific customer can have the engine brand of that person’s choice.

There are important differences between manufacturers for the customer to consider regards how emissions are handled and maintained.


Ah, amenities - the sky is the limit – as well as your pocketbook!

Queen or King Sized Beds, Beautiful Bathrooms with stand-up Showers, a Washer/Dryer, Large Digital TVs, 2/3 Rooftop AC Units; Satellite Receivers; Luxurious Living & Dining Rooms and Fully Functioning Kitchens with 2 or 3 range stovetops, large sinks, 2-3-4 Door Refrigerators (w/Icemaker) – even dishwashers!

They will have spacious cabinets throughout as well as underneath (outside access doors) for lots of storage. Stereo Systems, GPS and every gadget you can think of, can be included.

Onan Generator

The newer and more complex your home, the larger the generator will be. Onan Generator is a major supplier of generators to the RV Motorhome Industry.

Most of these generators will be placed in the very front of the RV on a slide out tray. Onan Generators are extremely quiet (certified for NPS sound level requirements),away from the bedroom area and can keep pretty much everything running within your RV!


Since RV Diesel Motorhomes are the largest of the Self Contained Vehicles, they will also have the biggest capacities for storage and power.

Everything is large in these!

The Fuel tank will have at least 100 gallons of storage – perhaps up to 300 gallons! Fresh water storage will be high as well – again 100 gallons ++, the waste tanks (“Black” for sewage/”Grey” for sinks) are sized to handle the amount of fresh water tanks waste disposal.

Powerful diesel generators are hidden on board to supply all the power needed, if a campground can’t be reached for the night.

The electric systems are getting more and more advanced so therefore sophisticated controllers are becoming necessary. 50 Amp Service is standard.

Electric energy can come from many sources – batteries, solar, special RV generator, and conventional hook-up (“Shore Power”) to a campground, etc.


Storage Slide drawer

These are the creature comforts that we all want!

Each customer will have preferences, but they need to be mentioned. How many slide outs and what configuration; Electrically Activated Awnings; Airbag Suspension (4 to 10 - depending on brand); Air Leveling Systems for drive handling control as well as leveling while parking for the night; Jacks to level for parking; extra batteries; hot water type heat; slide out drawers for the under storage compartments (pictured here); Instant Hot Water.

The List is totally dependent upon how much $$ you want to spend - and how big your RV Diesel Motorhomes budget is!


Diesel Pusher, Pusher, DP, Coach, Motorhome, Class A, RV Diesel Motorhomes.

Important Weight Issue Resolved!

During the Summer of 2012, the "Surface Transportation Bill" was passed to allow RV's a higher single axle weight in the rear. It was 20,000 - it is now 24,000!!

I know many RV's rear axle actual weight exceeds 20,000

Cost - New

$200,000 up to $2,000,000 – Depends on Brands, Configurations and Accessories!

Motorhome Reviews will play a critical role in your selection, if you decide to chose this type of a vehicle.

Pros: Penthouse on wheels - A Wonderfully comfortable way to travel; plenty of room; All the Luxuries of that Stick and Brick House; Will last a very long time.

Cons: Very Expensive to purchase; Expensive to maintain; Suck up lots of Energy to Operate all the Accessories; High End Gadgets expensive to repair; Need lots of solar and batteries – or use lots of fuel or park in campgrounds everyday!

Can’t drive off onto too many dirt/unpaved roads!

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