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Dirty Clothes Storage

Dirty Clothes Storage Bags

Our Dirty Clothes Storage idea is great with laundry bags in a small space as an RV Closet Organizer.

I see plenty of articles on how and where to store your clothes in the very small space that is your RV clothes closet, but not one on where to store your dirty laundry. We did luck out in that our RV layout was designed by the previous owner so we have more space for clothes then the average RV’er. The down side to this is we also have more clothes and can go longer between washings.

So I needed a place to put all that dirty stuff that didn’t require me taking a big basket out of the shower stall, throwing it on the bed, just to put it back in the wet stall (molds best friend) every time we needed to shower.

Dirty Clothes Storage Pictures

Storage Bag HolderTop Storage Bag Holder
Straps with Velcro to hold bagsStraps with Velcro to hold bags
Straps with Velcro to hold bagsStraps with Velcro to hold bags

I remembered reading in some article about someone who hung up canvas bags for their dirty clothes on the side of something when they put out their slide. Well, we don’t have a slide but we do have a three sided glass front shower stall.

The over-the-door towel rack was already there, plus 3 canvas bags that I used for grocery shopping (conveniently replaced with freebies from the natural food store) and some 2” wide woven strapping, Velcro, my sewing machine and I was set to go.

I sewed 2 loops, the same distance apart as the outside hooks on the towel rack, on each bag. The top bag just hangs on the towel rack itself.

Then I cut 2 pieces of strapping long enough to loop around the towel hook at the top and down to the third bag with a little extra to go through the loop on the third bag.

I measured where the loop of the second bag would be and attached an extra 8 inches of strapping. This was plenty to go through the loop on the bag then attach back to the strap itself.

I used plenty of Velcro, more then may be necessary but I know how heavy dirty clothes can be and they were going to stay hanging right there, on the shower, no matter where we drove.

This has been my best organizing idea every. Three bags just fit vertically (whites, darks, towels/sheets). The bag size is perfect to measure one load in our little Equator washer or I just rip the Velcro open, grab the bag handles and carry them out the door to the Laundromat.

Maybe this will give you some ideas for your dirty clothes storage!

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