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RV Food Storage Idea

Here's a great Food Storage Idea in your RV, with kitchen cabinet help, using totes and shelves

Many RV’s have deep cabinets in the kitchen but no way to get to those few really ancient cans in the back against the outside wall!

Many RV’ers have a super handy dandy carpenter at there disposal. However, this really easy project didn't require too much carpentry or "fine tuning"!

We're typically good at finding an easy way to solve a storage problem that may not look as good as some, but functions perfectly fine.

My solution for my deep food cabinets was simply to add a shelf in the middle and get a few totes that fit the depth, width and height of the space.

The not looking quite as good part comes in when I realized the lip on the top that holds the lid, that I didn’t need, was just wide enough to make the tote not fit the space. Couldn’t close the doors. So easy solution - I cut the top lip off the totes.

Notice the real hack job - but they work beautifully!

Food Storage Idea Pictures

Food Storage Idea Shelving
Food Storage Idea Totes
Extra Half Shelf & Totes Cut to Fit

Storage is critical in an RV - especially for Fulltimers! Spend some time looking around your inside area and try thinking 2 or 3 dimensional.

Many times there really is a better way or a hidden area that could be quite useful for storage - it just needs to be explored with an open mind!

IKEA is great for these problems - they always seem to have a solution!

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