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Small Space Food Storage

Small Space Food Storage is a dilemma we all face in our RV. We can use canning jars or mason jars for our bulk food storage. We will show you a great project we did to accomplish this all too common a problem!

We are always looking for new ways to make our RV food storage more efficient. Buying bulk saves money but it isn’t always easy to find space for all that extra bulk until it’s needed.

One of our first remodels to the RV was to change the kitchen table to a counter, since the scenery outside is always new and more interesting then the scenery inside. This left an 18 ½” x 38 ½” x 8” under the counter that was not being used to its full potential.

In an RV or any small space you have to use every inch as efficiently as possible - so this is what I came up with to store our extra dry bulk food - Small Space Food Storage

The half gallon canning jars are nice because I can vacuum seal them and the dry food will stay fresh longer. I chose this size based on the depth (8”) of my space. You can easily go to a quart if that is all the room you have available. These larger jars measure 4 ½” x 9 ½” (the extra 1 ½” is worth it to me for all the extra volume I am able to store).

Pint, Quart & Half Gallon Size Jars

Pint, Quart and Half Gallon Size Comparisons

I also have two large plastic barrels (originally filled with pretzels) that I use for storing extra corn chips or peanuts etc that had no where else go, so they had to be incorporated into the design. Those of you that are very concerned with adding to much weight to your RV could always use plastic containers (I prefer to use glass to store food whenever possible).

I pictured in my head an elaborate design made of PVC pipe and wood based on a wine rack design. I bought all the PVC and started to cut and fit and as usual it wasn’t working in reality the way it did in my head.

I was discussing my dilemma with my hubby and he said “how about just leaving them in the shipping boxes, turned on the end”. The shipping boxes had dividers and the outside was double thick so they are nice and sturdy for cardboard. But this could never work…could it …its way to easy right?

Storage of Jars Opened
Closed Jar Storage Area

Well, the boxes fit perfectly in the space we had (who’da thunk it). I put a strap across the front to keep the flaps closed and whaaa la …lots of extra food storage.

Granted this may be a bit too “trailer trash” for some of you, but it works fabulous and that is all I really need. You could easily paint the boxes or cover with fabric or a curtain and I may do that but you can’t beat the simplicity or the price.

The goal is to have maximum small space food storage!

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