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RV Pets

Digbe the cat

RV Pets - Looks pretty calm, doesn't he?! He is now, but sure wasn't too happy when we took him from his "stationary" home to a rolling earthquake!

We started out with 2 cats. Prior to going RV'ing, they hated each other - seriously! The older female was the Queen and never let this one forget it!

That all changed the day they "met" the RV. We purposely decided to wait until the last day before introducing them to the RV. After they did their usual sniffing, we started it up.

Well, you can imagine the instant panic! They didn't know where to run and hide - not too many options, actually!! Worse, this was a very new experience.

After about 10 minutes, we started driving. If you've ever had or been near a cat in a car - it can be rather painful to your ears! Howling, crying, howling, crying, howling - you get the idea!

After about 30 minutes of howling (seriously!), they stopped. We both looked at each other and wondered what happened?!?

The two of them were huddled TOGETHER under the desk!!!! We just laughed and realized it just might work.

Each time we started/drove, they would howl and cry - but it was getting less and less - whew!!

Finally, about a month later, they seemed to "accept" the fact that it was going to happen - and they had no recourse to it.

The Queen cat died about a year ago and "Digbe" is so much happier by himself!

RV Pets can actually enjoy all the new smells and different places to visit. Dogs are even easier - they like to travel, look out the window, feel the breeze and get all the new scents possible.

Cats are just the opposite. They can't seem to accept looking outside while we are moving! Pure panic!

Speaking of "cats", if you spend any time in an RV, you know how "mice" can be quite the problem. Well, don't count on your house cat to do much good! Our "Digbe" seems to think they are pets!

Worse, he will invariably chase one into the bedroom at 3 AM!!!

Much better solution - "Fresh Cab" - weird name, but it has worked over all the other stuff combined! We've added it to our RV Accessories page - very worthwhile!

Now, when we are parked, Digbe will jump up on the dash and look around and then curl up sleeping in the sun. However, if he sees or hears the "keys", he jumps right down to his travel spot - under the desk!

Animals can only stay in "travel" mode for so long before they need to go to the bathroom or use the liter box, etc. We noticed, neither cat would ever get up to use the liter box while we were moving. Perhaps, if we stopped for a 5 minute break, but usually not.

If the engine was running, they don't like to move!

We must be very aware of our RV pets needs and be sure to allow enough "stopped/quiet" time for the animals. Dogs need to get out to go, so that's even more difficult sometimes. Larger dogs also need time to "run" and work off their anxiety of traveling.

We've seen people with 2 or 3 big dogs, pull up at a rest area, walk their dogs for 5 minutes and go driving again - whew - sure wouldn't want to be one of those dogs! We should be mindful of our RV Pets needs as well.

If you have fulltiming pets, be sure it suits your lifestyle as well as theirs.

Animals need daily exercise, food, water and of course, bathrooms! Obviously, it's hard to have the same consistent water, but try to have the same food for your animals while traveling.

Word of caution about RV Pets. You don't need to quarantine your outside animals, but be careful of other animals. Many times we are in remote areas or perhaps boondocking and let our dogs run free.

That could lead to diseases and other health issues. Worse, you will drive away with a pet that's been compromised and don't even know it?!

Traveling with animals can be lots of fun, just try to think it through before hand.

Cool Pet Pad

A great accessory for your RV pets is a "Cool Pet Pad" for your cat or dog. Some parts of the country can get really hot - especially if you do any boondocking in the southwest!

We hate to run our AC. However, even with awnings, windows wide open and ceiling fans on - it can get pretty hot for your animals.

We researched and found this really great "Cool Pet Pad" and Digbe just loves it. Took him a while to figure out that it was an actual benefit for him. If you have a cat, you know exactly what we mean!!

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