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Before You Buy An RV

Before You Buy covers many categories that really need to be considered. One Bad Decision may cause multiple problems.

Before You Buy an RV is when so many various subjects and questions must be researched. We have various topics covered here that will help you be sure to make the right decision, before it's too late!


Questions and serious "soul searching" needs to take place before anything is done or purchased. This first step will help you define just what you want to accomplish.

Before you Buy ~ New versus Used RV Purchase

Motor Homes for Sale - Just a little insight into the in's and out's of Buying.

Quartzsite RV Show

Trade Shows - A definite Must Do for new RV'ers. You'll learn lots of Good and Bad!!

Wheelbarrow of Money

Purchasing your RV requires Good decisions be made before the purchase.

New 5th Wheel RV

A New RV is quite a luxury.....if you can afford it.

Used VW Camper

Used RV sometimes makes more sense - especially if this is a "first time".

To help you determine what you can afford, we have a few pages on:

Money Bags

Financing - We try to give you some things to consider when financing your RV.

Legal Tools

Legal Issues - There are always all types of questions you need to ask and seek answers on FIRST!

Bridge Accident

Insurance on your RV - Do you really understand all the legal issues with RV Insurance? Very different from Home Owners or your automobile

RV Expenses

Expenses - Are always something to seriously consider. Depending on your particular situation, it will vary considerably!

Necessities goes into all the different things that are needed to consider, before you purchase. Your Mail Service decision being the most important step.

Quartzsite Rally

Rallies - Similar to Trade Shows but on a social level. See if it's your style?

As you can imagine, this is just the tip of the iceberg!!

We found it took us over a year to research as much as we did - and we are still learning. Fortunately, we were able to obtain a really good and well taken care of RV.  Honestly, we really didn't know how great it was until we used it and saw all the wonderful things that were included!

Class C Rental

Rent an RV if at all possible. It is a great way to at least get some idea what RVing is all about. Naturally, it won't be yours and won't have all the amenities you want - but it's a great first step! We've heard horror stories about people hating RVing and each other - after the fact - Oops!!

Tow Vehicle and or Toad?

Some of these answers will come from the first group of questions.

Dually Pick up

Tow Vehicle being considered - especially if you already have a HD Pick up truck. Or, acquire a self-contained RV?

Jeep Towable

Toad or Dingy type vehicle is only practical if you are acquiring a self-contained RV.

Camper and Pickup

Weight - how much can you legally tow behind you?

Cat Weigh Scale

Weighing a Trailer and Hitch properly? How large an RV can your pickup tow?

All these Before You Buy Questions and some answers are covered in these linked pages. It is really important that you consider as much as possible before you buy.

Once you've "bitten the bullet", it's a little difficult to change things!

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