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RV Wiring for Dummies

RV Wiring for Dummies is a great page with several different videos to help you understand RV Electricity. I personally find electricity difficult - I can't see it so I don't fully understand it!!

With that being said, here are some great explanation videos to help you get a better feeling for how all this "stuff" works and why

Surge Protectors - Progressive Industries

We can't say enough about how great this company is and their Surge Protectors. They have saved us probably 10 different times from getting bad electricity into our system!

Before you even think of connecting your RV to a Power Pole, PLEASE consider using one of their awesome products. Finding out you need one is unfortunately, always after the damage is done!!!

This is by Tim from RV Walk Thru

RV Wiring for Dummies - 3 part video series

These are by Cliff from Recreation Destinations

No 12 Volt DC Power

We hope you enjoyed and learned some valuable information about RVing safely and a better understanding with RV Wiring for Dummies.

We'll keep adding videos as we verify their information is correct and worthwhile.

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