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RV Decision Questions

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Your RV Decision Questions (and answers) will be the cornerstone for everything you do while enjoying the RV Lifestyle.

We can only help you achieve the best decision for you and your partner. So many factors have to be thought through very carefully.

Will you be RV Traveling; will you be boondocking; do you like to socialize; how wealthy are you really?; Can you afford to stay in RV Parks all the time? Will you be working from your RV? How "fussy" are you about utilities, have you ever "hooked up" RV Utilities in the past?

Must you have cable TV, internet service 24/7? If thinking about lots of boondocking - do you get/have solar panels, newer batteries, water filters, dish TV, larger refrigerator, strong and quiet generator, storage for supplies? The list is endless!

Is this just a "moment in your life"? What happens if you don't like it and you've sold everything? Do you keep the house and your stuff? Are you healthy enough to be away from your favorite doctor?

Where do you plan on driving/going? Will you drive everyday, week, month, quarter?

All of these RV Decision Questions will have some effect on the processes you take to chose the type RV best for you! Do you purchase a New RV or a Used RV? How do you find a good used one? What do you look for?

Are you a "do-it-yourselfer" or do you have to hire someone to do everything for you? How anxious do you get when something fails or doesn't work?

Do you want to visit cities or open area/small towns? You'll get really tired of a "big rig" in city traffic everyday - a class B works great there, but difficult to "fulltime" in a class B!

Do you have a lot of "stuff"? Do you like to cook a lot (look for real countertops - see RV Kitchens!!) what's the GVWR of the RV? Do you have a car/suv/truck that you want to have at your disposal? Have you ever really driven a "Big Rig" or truck before??

Do you like a pickup truck? Pickup trucks, if pulling a RV, require disconnecting and a more complex leveling procedure - are you up to that - especially if you plan on moving frequently? A big class A, if it has airbag suspension, is just a dashboard switch away from self-leveling in a campground - pretty sweet!

How much weight can your present pickup legally tow/pull down the highway?

Can you stay inside small spaces for a l-o-n-g time!?!?

Wow, and you thought RV Decision Questions would be easy!! What you really need is RV Information about everything!! RV Shows can be very helpful to see all the different styles, types and options.

We've only scratched the surface. Some of our pages already deal with many of these questions. However, we will attempt to dig deeper into each topic to help you gather better facts and info to make that all important decision - what, when and how!

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