Natural Bridges

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Natural Bridges National Monument is the first National Monument in Utah. There are three distinctly different Bridges in this beautiful monument.

One of the things we noticed immediately was the fact that someone had to actually "find these". The terrain all around the area along the highways, etc. is just your typical flat landscape with nothing unusual to notice.

WOW!! Is that ever wrong!!! We drove in the entrance area still unsure of what we would see. Once we got situated, we drove our scooter around to take in the views. There is a loop drive to each of the pull offs and you can then hike down into the canyons at any of them.

As wonderful and beautiful as this structure is - there are absolutely no guarantees it will be there tomorrow!!

Over 4,000 TONS of stone tumbled down from Kachina Bridge in 1992.

Natural Bridges Kachina Bridge

Owachomo Natural Bridge

This particular one is only a 1/2 mile hike down to its archway.

Here's a Great Link to a Map of the Park, showing names and locations of the Bridges.

Natural Bridges Area
Natural Bridge

When you actually look at this terrain, it is like looking at a mini Grand Canyon! Just like the Colorado River has done to the Grand Canyon, nature has provided the same effect here. Fortunately, not quite so deep!

The point is, these incredible deep structures are very suddenly in an area of basically flat earth. Imagine walking across here at night 300 years ago - you'd fall right in and never be heard of again!

The extremely small campground  within the park is very limited in the number of spaces and sizes of vehicles. We scooted through it and quickly realized nothing larger than a Class B, Pod or really small camper would fit in the park.

There is an area to boondock along Rt 95 about 2 miles from the entrance to the park for larger and just overnight staying.

You can drive your RV through the National Park itself, with plenty of pull off room.

However, if you are going to disconnect your camper or toad, they would rather you do that in the parking area outside the park, on Rt 95.

View Arches and Natural Bridges in a larger map

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