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Saving Heat in Winter

Saving Heat in Winter can be challenging. We found a great way to help us! We have the older style Motorhome so our windows are pretty basic - but, at least they open fully! These new RV's with the windows that open a few inches are crazy! Kinda forces you to use Air Conditioning!! Again, defeats the entire purpose of enjoying the peace and quiet of RV'ing.

Shower Skylight Insulation = Saving Heat in Winter!

Another huge hole in the house is the shower skylight. It looks great, provides lots of great natural light; but, sure lets a lot of heat out during the winter.

Just be sure to take your showers first, since you want to do this with the shower skylight nice and dry and able to stay that way until you are done with the project.

We got a piece of 1" foam insulation with a R-5 rating and moisture resistant, and cut it out to fit the pattern of the shower. Since the actual pattern of these is so "weird", we used a piece of brown paper and attached 2 of them together so we had enough width to trace the skylight opening. 

The paper was stiff enough that between the two of us, we could hold it up on the skylight molding and draw the pattern out. After some tweaking of the cutout, it fit up there nice and snug. We'll use some clear packing tape to hold it in place. As tight as we made the piece of insulation fit, it still needs to be supported and sealed with clear tape.

Once we do that, we can then put a piece of clear plastic over the entire opening with some good old "double-sided tape" and really help seal it. Afterwords, make sure all sealed and dry before using the shower - after all, it needs to stay up in place until Spring!!

Granted, the room gets much darker in the daytime, but it sure keeps it warmer = saving heat in winter!

Shower Skylight Cover for RV - Right sideShower Skylight Cover for RV - Right Side
Shower Skylight Cover for RV - Center AreaShower Skylight Cover for RV - Center Area
Shower Skylight Cover for RV - Left AreaShower Skylight Cover for RV - Left Area

Please let us know if you have a project you do to help save heat and energy during the winter! The more we can save on our energy expenses, the more we can enjoy our great RV Lifestyle!

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