RV Stovetops

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Atwood Cooktops

RV Stovetops, just like most RV appliances are getting fancier, but basically the same. After all, they are designed to provide cooking heat for either a 2 or 3 burner cooktop.

The real secret to look for is the size of the burners and how much actual room is allowed beyond the burner for pan clearance.

Unless you really want the "cover" that may come with it, pass on that. Honestly, most are pretty flimsy.

If you don't have a nice piece of counter already being used, get one made to match your counter - you'll be much happier.

As in any propane stovetop - look for how sturdy it is, how easy it comes apart for cleaning, size burners, side room, etc.

Aside from size, they all have electronic ignitors and seem to function very well.

Here's a great link to a very informative site about Stoves, how they are made, work and the various differences. It is designed around Commercial info, but many of the articles are a great source of info.

Since most cooktops are recessed inside an area, it is very important to look at how much room is actually available for your pans.

Suburban Cooktops

Suburban is a brand that supplies the RV Industry with cooktops. They also sell replacement stovetops when your old one just doesn't look as good or function the same anymore.

The link immediately below will help you identify what model you have, parts, service etc.

Direct Link to Suburban RV Stovetop Info

Atwood Stovetops

Nothing really different here. Atwood is equally famous and certainly makes great RV cooktops. As mentioned above, the "cover" is really not something to judge the stovetops on.

Look at the sizes of the burners and surface area - that's what counts!

Direct Link to Atwood Stovetops

Remember, the cooktop will drop into a recessed area -

therefore restricting the actual pan sizes!

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