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Cool Ideas

Cool Ideas are little tips or techniques we've discovered over the years to help us enjoy the RV World. 

We've learned how to have Blackout Curtains for your bedroom when sleeping in a well lite store parking lot overnight!

Various ways to store all your "stuff"

Staying warm if you happen to be up north in the winter time - silly, huh!?!!

Cabinet Drawer locks for when you travel

Saving heat in the winter.

Securing RV Slider Windows - We seriously struggle to find an easy, yet effective way to secure our slide windows. Drilling the locking area seemed to be the solution? Didn't like it though. Finally, I remembered what you do with big house type sliding doors - put a stick of some kind along the stationary window so the slider window can't be moved. Well, duh - why not the same idea in our RV??

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