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RV Hitch Weight

Weight Control Hitch

Your RV Hitch Weight needs to be known and adjusted accordingly! Many of us just get into our truck, hook up the "camper" and drive away - yahoo!!

All is good, until you need to swerve out of the way, stop on a slippery road or steer around a curve! No matter what it is, if your weight adjustment is too far off - you might be off the road - not fun!

The purpose of a Weight Distribution System Hitch is to provide better control of truck and camper by applying "leverage" across the trailer tongue and tow vehicle ball hitch, so they are balanced together.

In case you missed it, please review our Trailer Weighing Page to understand how to weigh your camper/trailer and be safe!

We've all seen the camper being pulled down the road with a obvious "sag" between them. The camper weighs too much for the ride and odds are - no RV Hitch Weight Distribution system is being used to "help the cause".

There are all types and kinds of RV Accessories available to help you balance out the camper with your tow vehicle. Some are easy to install and hook up while others a little more complex.

Really doesn't matter - just be sure you've taken the time to get one that suits your weight needs and keeps you safe. A few will require some "muscle power" to complete the weight balancing, but so worth it.

Remember, your driving more than just a car or pick up now! You'll have several thousand more pounds following you - all dependent on what you do -especially in an emergency!

Several different brands of RV Hitch Weight Systems are available.

It really doesn't matter which trailer weight adjust system or ball hitch adjust system you use - just be sure you take the time to do it!

EAZ-Lift Round Bar is a very popular Brand. They also make a popular Sway Bar Accessory.

Curt Trunnion Hitch style weight distribution system.

Blue Ox SwayPro Weight Distribution System.

Reese Hitches for Trailer Weight Control.

Draw-Tite provides a full selection of hitches, weight distribution systems, receivers and anything else needed for your towing needs.

There are others, as well. These will just get you started on your research - make sure you do it, too!!

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