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Plenty of RV rentals are available for that trail run before you go out and purchase that used or new RV!

The easiest RV rentals are from large metropolitan areas that have a lot of traveling tourists - Las Vegas, Salt Lake City, San Fransisco, Los Angeles, San Diego, Seattle, etc.

People from all over the world will fly to one of these cities to rent an RV for a trip ranging from a week to a month or longer!

If you ever have spent time in Southern Utah, you will remember seeing all kinds and types of RV Rentals on the highways!

The most common rentals are the Class B & Class C RV's. These can easily handle a small family while they travel and visit the countryside - all without having to pack and repack every few days!

The Class B vehicle rentals are available but not as plentiful, since they are smaller and won't handle a family for an extended period of time.

Class A Rentals

A large Class A Motorhome rental is much more expensive and difficult to arrange - unless you are a rock star!!

Obviously, a Class A Diesel Pusher is a hefty investment to just rent out. It can be done, but not at your local airport! Many of the national recreational vehicle rental companies indicate they provide motorhome rentals; but, many times it will be a Class A Gas type or a shorter Class A Diesel.

Several Rental companies that handle Class A's are:

Another "unofficial" source would be your local storage facility. Many times they will have several large Class A RV's in storage that the owner(s) would just love to rent out! Try to stop in at the office when the storage facility manager is there.

Many times they can be a great source of who might be interested in renting their Class A RV.

Class C & Class B Rentals

Since these are the most common and most readily available, let's look at these in depth. Aside from the very large nationwide rental companies that rent these out, your local RV Dealer is an excellent source for Class C or even 5th wheel rentals.

The rental fees will usually include so much mileage per day. The basic rental will have a generator included with a few hours per day in their rate.

However, beyond that, almost everything else is a rental option - kitchen utensils, pots and pans, sheets, pillows, blankets, etc. They will also charge a flat cleaning fee - no matter how clean it is when you return it - plus, perhaps a restocking fee for all the "necessities" you included.

You must read the rental agreement very carefully! What you "assume" is a weekly rental charge can be much higher when all is said and done!

Some Large Nationwide RV Class C & B Rental Companies would be:

El Monte RV Rentals & Motorhome Rentals


Recreational Vehicles Rentals are great for a family vacation or wanting to try out living and traveling in an RV; however, it is a serious contract!

Your typical Automobile Insurance that you carry for your personal vehicles will probably not cover enough for when you rent a RV or it's contents, since you will be living in it.

Do NOT drive into Mexico or Canada!

All of your rental contracts are designed for travel within the 48 states only - not Mexico or Canada!

Each will require a separate endorsement for Vehicle Insurance. As always, read all the fine print before you rent a motorhome!

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