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Solar Ovens and Parabolic Cookers for RV'ers

by Nathan Parry
(St. George, Utah)

Solar Cooking Fry Bread at the park

Solar Cooking Fry Bread at the park

I can wholeheartedly agree with the idea of using solar cookers for a substantial amount of your cooking needs while living in an RV.

We always take our solar cookers with us while camping and traveling, but we also use
them on almost a daily basis (when there is sunshine)for much of our cooking at home.

We are going to take a couple of cookers with us on our trip to Southern California this summer.

Why not use the power of the sun when it is available and conserve your other expendable fuels for when they are really needed, such as at night or in stormy weather.

I know many RV'ers that use a solar oven for baking, slow cooking, steaming etc. and a parabolic cooker for their stovetop style cooking and it takes up less room than one would think.

Happy Trails to all of you who are on the road and maybe we'll see you in the mountains, at the parks or on the beach this summer...

Nathan Parry

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