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Mason Jars

Mason Jars are incredibly popular. We have Stainless Steel Straws that fit through the lids with grommets for drinking.

These incredible containers have been around since 1858 and I am sure we have all used them in more ways, over the years, then we could possibly remember. Canning was a staple way life for the first half of the 20th century. I remember my mom’s homemade pickles …I could eat a whole jar in one sitting (if I had a good hiding spot).

Then refrigeration made everyone’s life easier and less work. And let’s not forget the fabulous wondrous plastic everywhere. So we buy our plastic wrapped food, carry it home in a plastic bag and toss it in the fridge. So what do we do with those canning jars now?

There are still some people who actually can fresh veggies from their garden (and they have my complete respect and envy) but we RV’ers are traveling around in a small box that doesn’t allow for a pantry full of yummy canned foods.

But we have also been finding out that all that fabulous plastic may not be the best for storing your food. The Mason jar is making a come back because they are inexpensive, food safe, easy to clean, come in different sizes and are air tight. I use lots of mason jars to store just about everything from dry goods, leftovers in the fridge, to drink tumblers.

I have searched high and low and spent far more money (then I like to admit) trying find a drink container that doesn’t leak all over the trunk of my scooter. Mason jars have worked perfect for me every time.

Now my new twist is to be able to drink without having to unscrew the lid and remove it every time I want a sip. With the hole in the lid and a reusable stainless steel straw I get a cheap, easy to clean drink tumbler that makes it real hard for me to make a huge mess when I’m feeling a little clumsy. Some people are afraid of the glass but these are designed for very high temperatures and are not just your basic glass. I personally have dropped a jar, on the ceramic tile floor, more then a few times and not one has broken.

Because I drive a scooter I do have to swap out a solid lid when I put my drink in the trunk (it tends to roll around a lot) but when I get to my destination I swap out the lid and straw. Most of you out there have those handy cup holders in your toads,  so you don’t need to do any swapping of lids. Just fill, twist and off you go with your groovy adult sippy cup.

Mason Jar with Stainless Steel Straws
Regular & Wide Mouth Lids with Grommets for Mason Jars
Mason Jar with Straws and Lids

Because I love this idea I thought I would share them with others.

These are standard size lids in either regular or wide-mouth and will fit all the major brand of canning jars. Mason, Ball, Kerr and Bernardin.

Each has a rubber grommet, offset from the center. The stainless steel bent straws fit well, but if you tip the jar the liquid can flow out of the straw itself.

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