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Understanding the RV NPS will really help you know all about the great parks throughout the United States!

It really doesn't matter if you are a hiker, camper, kayaker or RV'er - this RV NPS is a great source of credible information.

The NPS was formed back in the early 1900's and has been charged with keeping our National Parks secure, safe and a great place for all of us to visit.

Some are massive - Wrangle-St Elias National Park and Preserve in Alaska is over 13 Million Acres!!; while most others are much smaller - they are all equally interesting.

Aside from managing all this land (approx 84 million Acres) for us, we are encouraged to visit and explore all of them. As RV'ers, that's kind of our mantra!

We all love to visit National Parks.

There are several great pages within the NPS Agency Website that will help anyone looking for info.

To make a Reservation at most of the Camping facilities within the NPS system go to:

Go to NPS Reservations

To learn the various locations of the Parks throughout the country, go to:

Go to NPS Locations

Their FAQ page is:

Go to NPS FAQ's

Another great part of the NPS locations is they will have all types of animals if the habitat or environment allows it.

Even better, many times these animals are truly living in the wild and you are visiting them in their habitat. Pretty neat way to see nature - rather than a formal zoo.

Wrangle-St-Elias National Park in Alaska is so massive it actually has a complete Eco-system there. I believe it is the only Park in the country that has a complete eco-system all within itself.

Best of all, you can see and hear all types of animals from Buffalo to Bears to Eagles and everything in between!

You name it, odds are pretty good it will be in a National Park somewhere in the US.

The NPS is also charged with maintaining our various Battlefields, Parkways, Historical Sites and many other types of National Treasures, all with federal land rules.

The National Park Service does not deal with the BLM (Bureau of Land Management)lands throughout many western states.

Please take our Survey on the RV Campgrounds page asking about various Federal and State Parks putting in full utilities and insisting that you use them (and pay for them!)

- even if you don't want or need to!

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