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Reviews and Testimonials of products we've used or tried - especially relating to RV Living.

We've all purchased various products during our life that are really awesome! On that same flip side, we've all purchased products that should never have been purchased!

We'll post a variety of different products here that we have and use.

Review - Super Stretch Lids

Super Stretch Lids Packaging

I really like these lids. Now I can store food in my stainless steel and glass bowls and don’t have to worry about the liquid slopping around when we drive.

My first set I bought at an RV show in 2012 for about 20 bucks. The next year I bought a 2nd set because I tend to use the larger sizes the most.

If I had read the reviews on Amazon I would not have bought these lids, which is the reason I am doing this review? I use one of these lids at least once a day but they have their purpose and are not perfect.

If you have reasonable expectations, I believe you will like these lids and find them useful and money saving. The savings in plastic wrap, foil and Ziploc bags alone makes them worth trying.

With all the new information about how storing food in plastic containers may not be such a good idea these lids make all those lidless ceramic, glass and stainless steel containers usable for storage not just serving or prepping.

The silicone doesn’t usually touch the food and your reusing one piece of silicone instead of throwing countless rolls of plastic wrap or Ziploc bags in the landfill.

They are easy to clean, just swish in soapy dish water, wipe and let air dry.

Super Stretch Lid Assortment
Super Stretch Lid on Bowl

If you watch salespeople at the RV shows or the videos on YouTube you will think these lids will fit any size container you own, unfortunately this is not the case.

The lids stretch but they will not stay on a container that is approximately more than an inch in diameter larger than the lid is un-stretched, but that is why you get multiple sizes in the box.

The 2nd thing is the container and lid has to be dry in order for the silicone to grab and hold on. This is not really an issue, you just wipe the rim of the container before you attempt to put on the lid.

The only time it becomes an issue is if you reopen the container and there is condensation or the contents have sloshed onto the lid. You will not be able to re-apply the lid until it and the rim of the container are totally dry.

This is one of the reasons I have 2 sets of lids!

The other major complaint I read was that the lids tear after a few uses. As I said my first set I bought in 2012 and the second in 2013 and there is a difference in the quality of the silicone between the two sets.

The 2012 set was a clear silicone and much thinner and flimsier then the blue 2013 set. I don’t know for sure, but it would seem this change was in response to the tearing complaints.

This is where the “reasonable expectations” come into play, if you don’t try to force these lids onto obviously over sized containers they should last you for quite a long time.

Another consideration is fingernails or rough edges like on an aluminum can – anything sharp will easily puncture the silicone.

Lastly, a few of the reviewers stated that they did not think these lids were water or air proof as some salespeople claimed. I have to agree with the “not being air proof” with the understanding that unless a container is vacuum or pressure sealed it is not “air proof”.

Your nice tight fitting plastic lids that came with the containers are not totally “air proof” but they provide a tight enough seal to keep food fresh for a short amount of time. The same applies to these silicone lids when they are used correctly.

Water proof is another statement that needs a qualifier. These are not “water proof” but I have found them to be “spill” or “slosh proof”.

I regularly use a silicone lid to seal my glass bowl of beans that I am soaking overnight.

The bowl often gets moved from the table, to the counter, to the table etc. and I have yet to have any liquid seep out or have the lid come off.

To recap the positives:

  1. Allows the use of containers that do not have their own lid
  2. Reusable
  3. Saves money on plastic wrap, Ziploc bags and foil
  4. Easy to clean
  5. Spill proof
  6. Seals tightly - when not over stretched


  1. Will only stretch about an inch larger
  2. Not puncture proof
  3. Lid and container rim must be totally dry to get a tight seal

Overall, I would and have recommended these Super Stretch Lids to friends, family and anyone else looking for a handy kitchen storage product.

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