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Solar Eclipse and RVing

What the heck does a Solar Eclipse and RVing have in common?


A Solar Eclipse that will go over the entire US is pretty unusual. Being an RV’er is also pretty unusual – although becoming more and more “accepted” in today’s world. As RV’ers, we’ve already told the rest of our peers that we are different. We don’t have to have a stick and brick or a “permanent” place to live. We can just wander the countryside as we please and enjoy what life is actually offering us!

Well, think about the once in a life-time opportunity to see a Solar Eclipse – up front and personal in real life! Rather than just watch it on TV, start your RV up and go somewhere that you can actually feel and see it.

On August 21, for the time in 99 years, a total solar eclipse will cut through the entire continental United States. It’s going to be awesome. If you’re in the bull’s eye center of the moon’s shadow known as the totality — the sky will go dark for a few minutes in the middle of the day, stars will appear, birds will become confused and start chirping their nighttime songs. And it’s all because of a cosmic coincidence: From the Earth, both the moon and sun appear to be roughly the same size.

Most of the country will see a partial eclipse, which is also cool. But for the complete show, you need to be in the 60-mile wide path of the totality. Luckily NASA has mapped the path of the totality.

As you’ll see, it will be from Oregon thru the central Midwest to the Carolinas. There must be a place near you that is feasible to go to witness this incredible event.

Even if it is a 1,000 miles away – GO!!

This is what RV’ing is all about. It is still almost a month away, so plenty of time to plan and make arrangements. Too far to drive the RV? Then rent a big van or minivan and camp on the way to wherever you need to be. Sleep in your toad in a parking lot… who cares – you’re on your way to witness a once in a lifetime event!!

Be sure to have Solar Eclipse special glasses!!!

Live and Enjoy that free lifestyle we all proclaim to have as an RV’er.

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