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RVs for sale

RVs for Sale are everywhere. Your task is finding one that is worth buying. First, we'll list some of the sources that are avialble to you while looking for your dream RV.

Here is a list - in no particular order of companies that list RVs for Sale:


RVs Auto Trader

RV Rental Companies - They sell their rentals.

Cranky Ape

Craigslist - Local and National

When we went looking for ours, we had no real idea what we wanted or needed - even though we were going full time!! I had done lots of research on RV's and living in them, BUT, I had never been in one - other than shows! 

We narrowed it down to some Must haves: diesel engine, Cummins transmission, no slides, lots of storage underneath, big kitchen and a max price range... those were our main wishes. Critical that you do this. Figure out the type of RV you want - Motorized or Pulled and then the features that you must have. We used the main search engines listed above and started on our quest. Imagine trying to do this before the Internet?? No way - you'd have to buy locally!

After probably a month of searching online, we spotted a very nice RV in Alabama (We were living in NJ!!). The pictures weren't the best, but the description and features all lined up for us. It met our main search criteria so we looked more deeply at the pictures and description. Since it has no slide, it had upper cabinets completely throughout the entire coach - front to back!!

After much debate among ourselves, we called and spoke to the owner. He was a very nice gentleman that had ordered it specifically for him and had every feature you could ask for. The price was fair and he had extensive maintenance records and had actually over maintained it. 

We flew to Alabama rented a car and drove out to see it. It was 9 years old (a 2000 model) but the quality (real wood interior), records, mileage, maintenance and all the features we wanted were there. We agreed to pay his price and gave him a deposit. We were now the almost proud owners of an RV!!

We finished selling what we had and flew back to Alabama and picked it up. He was not going to RV anymore so he gave us all the "extras" you need and store in the bottom!!

Our 2000 Monaco Windsor - with Solar added

RVs for Sale

Moral of the story - don't be afraid to travel and see one if it seems to be right for you. Airplane travel is pretty cheap these days and this is a very important decision. Mechanically, I knew enough about engines, etc. to know if OK. Plus, he had taken care of any warranty issues early on. I remember sitting at his kitchen table and going thru the invoices of all the warranty and maintenance work he had done on it.

When we picked it up, we spent the night in it while still in his driveway and reviewed all our questions the next morning, before driving away. It was an incredibly great decision and we've been fulltiming in it since 2009!

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